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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Sep 30, 2018

This is a solo episode where I reflect upon my past addiction to sugar. It’s the archetypal albatross. The initial burden that spawned subsequent vices. There is some measure of trauma tied to the story of those who endure such things.

Now is the time for me to transcend my underperforming habits of sugar abuse. Now that I’ve chosen to end the cycle, I can effectively help support others in overcoming their similar struggle with sugar, and other addictions. I invite you to join me, on the Virtue Squad.

I feel like in the playground of my imagination, I’m the great David, slaying Goliath and his motley crew of monsters. Sugar is beaten down. Alcohol is wasted. Tobacco is left in the dust. What’s next? Who wants some?

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