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Feb 11, 2019

This is a review for a short story book about The Wake Of The Hero’s Journey & The Lifelong Pursuit Of Meaning. There’s a lot of wisdom to share in here and it’s made available to you for free in a style that’s both entertaining and educational. Please enjoy and share.

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Episode Timeline


1:33 - About the author

Book review: The War Of Art

Book review: Turning Pro

2:54 - Support

3:35 - FREE audiobook

6:01 - The Wake of the Hero’s Journey

8:12 - The Hero’s Journey Is A Living, Breathing Thing

9:20 - A Gift For The People

10:30 - What Is An Artist?

11:00 - What Is Subject?

12:22 - An Artist Has Style

13:15 - The Ordinary World,

And The Extraordinary World

14:48 - What Is The Artist’s Journey?

15:53 - The Artist’s Journey Is Internal

16:30 - The Artist’s Journey Is About Self-Discovery

17:57 - The Artist’s Journey Is Dangerous

19:03 - On The Artist’s Journey, All Enemies Are Mental

20:15 - On The Artist’s Journey, All Enemies Are Self-Generated

21:05 - On The Artist’s Journey, All Strengths Are Mental

22:05 - The Artist’s Journey Is A Journey Of Dreams

23:22 - A Body Of Work

24:20 - The World The Artist Lives In

25:30 - The Artist’s Skill

26:44 - Each Increment Of The Artist’s Journey Is A Hero’s Journey

29:20 - Another Way Of Looking At Resistance

31:50 - The Artist Learns How To Start

32:40 - The Artist Learns How To Keep Going

33:10 - The Artist Learns How To Finish

34:48 - The Artist Learns How To Be Alone

35:25 - The Artist Learns How To Work With Others

36:45 - The Artist Learns How To Handle Rejection

37:35 - The Artist Learns To Be Brave

38:38 - The Artist Learns To Kill

39:02 - The Artist Learns To Commit For A Lifetime

40:30 - Encounter With The Unconscious

41:25 - The Misnomer Of The Unconscious

44:25 - The Super-Conscious

46:10 - The Artist Shuttles Back And Forth Between Realities

47:27 - How The World Works

49:22 - The Higher Realm For Artists

49:55 - Resistance

51:30 - The Soul’s Code

52:40 - Do You Have A Daimon?

54:20 - The Pain Of Not Doing It

55:00 - The Artist Serves Necessity

57:00 - Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be

57:52 - Who You Are Is What You Write

58:35 - The Great Adventure

1:02:00 - Epilogue



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