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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Mar 22, 2019

Listen in to a deep and playful conversation about my brother Daniel’s experiences and perspectives. We talk about the real deal stuff in family, life, work, and play. You’ll learn about things from addictions to pain, from life to love. I think you’ll find some good take aways to integrate into your life and share that love with others.

Thank you for your listenership. I appreciate your time and attention. Head over to the blog on my website to stream this episode, read the notes, follow the links, check out the videos, music, resources, and more.


0:00 - Prelude

5:35 - Introducing Daniel

8:45 - Childhood memories

19:45 - Conjuring true elders

23:00 - Emotional Intelligence

28:50 - Fundamental dysfunctions

32:23 - Daniel’s dance with addictions

43:48 - Untangling the messes in life: Relax

48:05 - Making minimalist footwear with natural materials

54:46 - Animal abuse and dealing with dogs

1:02:36 - Closing summary & parting wisdom

1:06:25 - Epilogue


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