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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Mar 15, 2019

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Essentialism: written by Greg Mckowen. This is one of the most important booksI’ve read. It serves to remind us to distill the few vital things and take action on our unique purpose in life. It assists us in identifying what all the trivial distractions are and encourages us to eliminate them. It’s brought a lot of value to my life and I believe it will do the same for you.

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0:00 - Prologue

3:02 - Important Announcements: Listener Support

7:00 - Claim your FREE audiobook

10:52 - How Can We Cut Out the Trivial Many?

12:40 - One Decision That Makes a Thousand

13:30 - From “Pretty Clear” to “Really Clear”

15:00 - Essential Intent

16:42 - Stop Wordsmithing And Start Deciding

17:30 - How Will We Know When We’re Done?

22:37 - Living with Intent

24:00 - The Power of a Graceful “No”

28:05 - Essentially Awkward

30:07 - Learn To Say No Gracefully

37:53 - Win Big by Cutting Your Losses

40:05 - Avoiding Commitment Traps

45:40 - Editing: The Invisible Art

52:12 - Editing Your Life

57:40 - The Freedom Of Setting Boundaries

1:00:15 - Their Problem Is Not Your Problem

1:01:15 - Don’t Rob People Of Their Problems

1:02:45 - My summary reflections

1:05:00 - Epilogue


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