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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Jun 29, 2018

This is the 5th episode of my podcast. It's my first "Solo" on a subject that matters a lot to me. In this one, we take a close look at gratitude and the place it has in the context of our lives.

Don’t let the simplicity of gratitude fool you.

It might seem like common sense. But it needs to be common practice. I believe it’s important enough to be one of the featured subjects in the beginning of my show.

May this serve you to be your best self, feel and heal in your heart, and to lead others by your excellent example.

We need you and everyone to show up, be honest, get grateful, and contribute with excellence. I believe in you and am here to support you.

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I’m stoked to share with you that the sound track in this episode is provided courteously by my main man in Germany, Flofilz. I’m deeply honored by him, in connection with Chillhop Records, for being so generous with his musical talent to add a bit of style my podcast. Check him out through the links below and show some of your love and support for his artistry.

Music by - Flofilz 
Soundtrack - Blue Orchard
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