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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Dec 21, 2018

Seasons greetings. Here we are. A new harmonic in the cosmic transition. We bow with reverence to the memories of the past, and look forward to the coming of the ages. Allow us to become the anchor points for the next phase of human evolution. Together we step in sync with our beautiful bodies, and labor in love with our beating hearts.

Prepare yourself for a brand new season of entertainment, and education. Be here, in this moment. Walk with me now. For spells are not molded silently in the mind. They are cast aloud in speech, and come alive, through action.

My name is David Whipple. I’m your host in humility. If you’re ready to invest in a fulfilling lifestyle of meaningful contribution, then you’re a part of the virtue squad. It’s a village minded culture of high performing people who love to serve with excellence, for the sake of future generations. Thank you for joining me on this majestic, and mysterious, journey of a lifetime.

Welcome to season 2 of my show. In this episode, I share some context about my show to serve as a proper container for the whole season, some reflections on Winter, and my seasonal playlist on Spotify.

  • WHY: a creation that matters for people who care, speaking to men, addictions.
  • To hear more about me and my story of addictions and transcendence, tune in to the initial episodes from season 1
  • Sober in Spring, started in Summer, intermission in the middle of Autumn, restarted on Solstice.
  • Feeling of Winter: tone, texture, vibe.
  • Winter Vibes playlist
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  • Life is music. May you play it with deep enchantment.