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From Vices To Virtues Essential High Performance Podcast Experience

Oct 3, 2018

This is a solo episode where I share with you a curious phenomenon called, “Vocal Fry”. Have you heard of it? The term refers to the sound that some people make with their throats and mouths when they talk. Think of a door creaking, a frog croaking, or a fat person farting. Yeah, I know. Not good. So...

...Vocal Fry. So what’s the big deal? How does this come to be? Why would it matter to you? I’m eager to explore this situation with you. Let’s find out more and learn the reasons and solutions.

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Show Summary

  • 0:00 - PROLOGUE
  • 3:45 - Why “Vocal Fry”?
  • Socio psychological importance
  • Physiology (body language) melody (sound) language (content words)
  • it’s the deepest, primal, limbic, emotional, instinctual, intuitive,
  • can help transcend fear, cultivate courage, embrace magnificence and embody meaning


  • 14:25 - My musical background
  • Cosmopolitan ignorance
  • My addictions, weakness, laziness
  • My shift into sobriety
  • My first time noticing VF
  • Noticing is a blessing and curse
  • Doors of perception


  • 29:19 - Why should this matter?
  • How can this help?


  • My personal perspectives and observations
  • FEAR
  • Subdued habits
  • Killed by complacency
  • Weapons of mass distracted
  • Passivity
  • Weakness
  • Lazy and low energy
  • emotional stagnation
  • shallow breathing
  • lack of Prana


  • 54:00 - Ranges of human voice
  • Falsetto
  • Modal (Natural zone for majority of humans)
  • Baritone
  • Public debut of my signature sound!
  • Tuvan throat singing
  • Popular examples


  • 48:35 SOLUTIONS
  • Self love
  • Self awareness
  • Noticing as a trained skill
  • Decide: change is a choice
  • Treat Yourself Like Someone You’re Responsible For Helping
  • Temper the ego & balance the emotions
  • Practice “Conscious Speaking”
  • 54:20 - Life is Music: practice “Timbre”
  • 106:10 - EPILOGUE

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